Longarm Quilting Services by Carole Graham

Carole Graham of CaVernJo Quilts & Clothworks

Carole Graham of CaVernJo Quilts & Clothworks

About Carole and CaVernJo Quilts

Carole Graham is a Quilter and Embroiderer in Kitsap County, Washington.  She's been practicing her craft for more than fifty years, learning to sew when she was eleven years old making play clothes and eventually her Prom gowns in high school.

     In 2001 Carole was bit by the quilting bug and her life changed dramatically.  She would pet fabrics and dream of ways to incorporate them into a fantastic quilt made completely with love. She likes to pray over her quilts also, as we know not everything we sew goes together quickly or easily.

     Carole was introduced to embroidery by a dear friend.  While she had a wonderful time quilting, she found that often times there were too many "open" spaces on the quilt. She discovered that embroidery designs complemented those open spaces and provided interesting designs into the quilt, and gave her projects some extra "bling."

     After a career in Nursing and working in a quilt shop in San Diego, Carole retired to Bremerton where she opened her “CaVernJo” quilt business (named for Carole, her father Vern, and her husband John) in 2016.  She loves quilting and embroidery and thoroughly enjoys working with her longarm customers to help them complete their masterpieces.